Immediately connect to a US Board Certified Physician from anywhere in the world   Connection time under 2 minutes.

On your initial call, our Emergency Trained physicians will Advise and Prescribe as medications as necessary.    If further action is required our physicians will provide convenient referral and guide you to the nearest facility of continuing care.


Millions of trips each year are delayed or interrupted due to unanticipated accidents or illness.  Just as many travelers return home from business or leisure trips and immediately become ill.   Our MedCall Travel program provides 30-day coverage to help insure you depart on time and enjoy your trip without interruption.  And if you should become ill upon your return, our physicians will still be available to assist you.



MedCall Healthcare is an incredible service.  I have contacted MedCall doctors about 3 times this year. Most recently, I have been suffering from cluster headaches.  I put off going to a Doc hoping they would go away. The other night I had one come on me at 8pm. I was suffering. Rather than go to an emergency room, I hit the app on my phone and within 30 minutes my wife was back from the pharmacy with a prescription enabling me to sleep though the night.


Ed, Atlanta   Member since 2013